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Because we care...

Our Frenchies are more to us than just a dog, they're a family member. In order to properly screen potential owners, we do ask that all serious inquiries go through a quick phone screen and be willing to sign a contract if they'd like to move forward with the purchase of a puppy.

We do also have a requirement for full payment up front. Payment in full must take place prior to taking possession of the puppy, payment must be made in Cash, Check or Money Order (we will with prior agreement accept major credit cards or Paypal, however, Buyer will be responsible for fees charged in connection with processing of such payment).

If you ever find yourself in a position where you are not able to care for or keep this puppy, please contact us ASAP for assistance with re-homing. We don't ever want our puppies to end up in a shelter or rescue without the chance for us to re-home them ourselves.

We're excited to share the love and joy that having a frenchie can bring to your life.

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